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The Henrietta Barnett School (HBS) is a prestigious all-girls grammar school with academy status, located in the picturesque Hampstead Garden Suburb of London. Founded in 1911 by  Dame Henrietta Barnett, the school was established with a vision to provide high-quality education to girls from diverse backgrounds, promoting social equality and cohesion. The campus beautifully blends modern facilities with historic architecture, situated within a conservation area that offers a peaceful and stimulating learning environment.

Henrietta Barnett offers a comprehensive, balanced, and progressive curriculum designed to nurture intellectual, creative, and physical development. The school provides a holistic education focusing on core subjects such as mathematics, science, humanities, and languages, building a strong foundation for students’ academic and personal growth.

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide array of clubs that cater to various interests, including debating, robotics, creative writing, and environmental conservation. The school also offers a robust sports program, encouraging involvement in athletics, netball, gymnastics, tennis, and other activities. These extracurricular experiences help students develop essential life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, effective communication, and problem-solving.

Central to the Henrietta Barnett School’s philosophy is a commitment to academic excellence and personal development, fostering a supportive community that values intellectual curiosity, resilience, and independent thinking. The school empowers students to achieve their full potential.

The Henrietta Barnett School consistently earns recognition for its outstanding academic performance. 89% of students received grades 8-9 and 97% graded 7-9. With such a strong work ethic instilled within the students and fantastic grade outcomes it is no doubt the exam process to get in can be extremely rigorous. 

Exam format:

Round 1:  This round is made up of English,  Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning which is multiple-choice set by GL Assessment.

Round 2: English and Maths, this section involves creative writing as well. 

11+ School information:

Catchment: no catchment area.

Where: Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 7BN

Where to apply: apply through the school via: admissions@hbschool.org.uk, 020 8458 8999

School: Girls grammar school 

Exam dates: Round 1: GL assessment September 2024 (Dates will be released nearer the time) Round 2: Set by the school –  October

Pass mark: Students need to aim for 90% and above to ensure a place in this school.

Open day: they offer an open day by booking only. The student can only attend the open day when they are in year 5. This usually happens around July. 

11+ Preparation and guidance:

It is advised students take the time to visit their preferred school. This not only instils motivation in the student but gives them the opportunity to imagine where they could be studying.

Intuitive Academy advises students to begin preparing for these exams in Year 4 or beginning of year 5. This gives students enough time to become more acquainted with the curriculum for 11+ and the format. Little and often is the way forward to ensure students do not lose momentum and keep focussed on their goal. 

To prepare for these exams it is wise to have a broad education, not just study for the exam. Spending 15-20 minutes per day on NVR and VR questions allows you to grasp concepts better and retain understanding of how to solve the questions. We suggest that you make use of our well curated exam papers. These papers can be used to give students confidence on the day of the exam. Using the papers you will be able to focus on key areas and find out specific strengths and weaknesses. The 11+ resources will help your daughter get used to the style of questions under time pressure. We have had fantastic feedback from parents who have used these eleven plus resources with their child.

Having a rich and diverse vocabulary is extremely important. That is why we have created 11+ Vocabulary pack 1 and pack 2 which can be used as a weekly resource to boost spelling and vocabulary. Each pack contains word cards which can be used to make learning fun.

Advised material to support exam preparation:

11+ Vocabulary pack 1

11+ Vocabulary pack 2

Round 2 English 11+ practise papers

Creative writing support pack

GL Maths Pack 1

If you are looking for specific tuition for the 11+ exams please email us at info@intuitiveacademy.co.uk or book a free assessment. Click here.

11+ Vocabulary and spelling pack 2
eleven plus vocabulary downloadable worksheet
eleven plus vocabulary sentence cards to download and print
eleven plus vocabulary downloadable worksheet
Screenshot 2024 07 10 at 20.05.44
11+ Comprehension and creative writing pa
eleven plus creative writing tasks to download and print
Comprehension activity

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