Early years counting pack

Early years counting pack

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Introducing our vibrant and engaging Counting Activities Pack, designed specifically to ignite the curiosity and numeracy skills of early years children! Packed with diverse activities, this comprehensive set is tailored to make learning numbers an exciting adventure.

Tracing Numbers: Unlock the magic of numbers through hands-on engagement with our tracing activities. With clear and concise guidelines, children will delight in tracing each number, fostering both fine motor skills and number recognition effortlessly.

Counting Amounts: Counting becomes an exhilarating journey with our dynamic counting activities. From counting colourful objects to matching numbers with corresponding quantities, children will develop a concrete understanding of numbers.

Adding Amounts to 10: Embark on an exploration of addition with our captivating activities designed to reinforce adding up to 10. Through interactive exercises and visual aids, children will grasp fundamental addition concepts with ease and confidence.

Number Puzzles: Challenge young minds with our stimulating number puzzles, where learning meets play. From number sequence puzzles to jigsaw puzzles, children will sharpen their problem-solving skills while unraveling the mysteries of numbers in an enjoyable way.

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2 reviews for Early years counting pack

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  2. Sharen Gill

    Great pack and cheap! Thanks

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Early years counting pack


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