What are the 7+ exams?

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Are you looking to enter your child into a private school in year 3?

The 7+ entrance exams are undertaken by private schools inside and outside London. The exams are held by the school, and generally follow an English assessment, Maths and sometimes verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

How should my child prepare for the exams?

Generally, students who are looking to sit these exams will be looking to sit them between November and January of year 2. In year 2 students are beginning to become confident in reading longer texts, answering in full sentences and developing their creative writing skills. In Maths students should be confident with their 2s, 5s and 10 timetables and division facts, begin to add and subtract numbers to 100 and learning to read and solve word problems.

To prepare your child for the exams, little and often is the way forward. Learning should be fun and engaging. Reading stories that your child enjoys and encouraging them to discuss the text, asking open ended questions based on the story. When you feel they are able to verbally answer, move onto reading short stories and answering comprehension questions on paper. It is important children are able to summarise and recap main points from the text.

The 7+ exams will test the students understanding of difficult vocabulary, so it is worth spending time making a vocabulary cards, reading articles and use new vocabulary in sentences.

What resources can I use?

There are many useful resources to support children preparing for 7+ exams. Encouraging children to write daily will increase their confidence in creative writing. Make sure children are confident with multiplication and division facts. Using online timetables platforms are a great way to provide children with something engaging and supportive.

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